Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team

Real people inspiring real impact

Bjorn Nicolaisen

Norwex Chairman

Bjorn co-founded Norwex in 1994. A former attorney, Bjorn worked with the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and was an associate with the General of Norway. He retired in 2007 to follow his passion for helping others achieve their dreams through Norwex. He now leads the company in shaping the Norwex core values, mission, goals, branding strategy, and overall mission for the future.

We will all leave a legacy of some kind—good or bad. It's our actions that will determine how we will be remembered and the impact our lives have on others. Only you control the legacy you will leave.

Eivind Schackt

Global Chief Executive Officer

Eivind has held numerous global leadership positions in the consumer goods industry, including Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 multinational company. As a driver of the Norwex mission, Eivind is passionate about building teams that drive success as well as reducing chemicals in our homes.

The Norwex Purpose touches many aspects of life... it is the larger picture of the legacy we are creating where our core values of integrity, trust and respect align our beliefs with our actions.

Peter Cartwright

Board Member

With 28 years of global direct selling leadership, Peter is a key member of the Global Team responsible for developing worldwide strategic sales and marketing support for all Norwex markets, including Norway, the Baltics, Australia, U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland and Sweden as well as global new market development. Committed to sharing the mission of Norwex with the world and giving its Consultants the power they need to leave their own lasting legacies, Peter helps lead Norwex on the path to inspire generations to come.

It's exciting to see the growth in the Norwex movement around the world. People everywhere are looking for real solutions to the health and environmental challenges we face... and Norwex promises to deliver them.

David Peters

Global Chief Product Officer

David is responsible for product-related activities such as product development, production, purchasing, R&D and quality. He has 24 years of experience, 16 of which were based in Asia. With a background in textiles and high end fashion, his aim at Norwex is to guarantee supply of the highest quality products that fit with our mission. He also leads the Norwex team in China that produces all our microfiber products.

It is a pleasure working with Norwex as we apply the highest quality standards used in high fashion industry on our household and personal care products. The worldwide Norwex teams take this very seriously and it has become part of our identity to deliver only the best.
Kristi Hubbard

Kristi Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer, Norwex USA

Kristi manages all U.S. operations, including development, management and expansion. Kristi’s strong financial background and creative vision strengthen Norwex and our Mission to improve quality of life, one person—and family—at a time. Addison Magazine named her one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Female Executives in the North Dallas Business Corridor.”

At Norwex, there are so many reasons to believe in the promise for a brighter future … for our families, for our Consultants and for our planet. We are real people making a real impact for generations to come.

Judy Letain

Chief Executive Officer, Norwex Canada

With over 20 years of experience in finance and business management, Judy leads both operations and sales for Norwex across Canada. She has served Norwex for more than 8 years and is a driven leader who builds strong working relationships across the organization and leverages broad-based operations and sales expertise to facilitate the achievement of strategic initiatives. Judy’s key objectives include setting and implementing strategies, casting vision and building culture within the Canadian organization. Judy is passionate about helping individuals grow a personal business and achieve their dreams while improving quality of life.

I am inspired by Norwex Consultants every day. They bring meaning to their work by helping others lead happier and healthier lives.
Paula Morris

Paula Morris

Managing Director, Norwex Australia and New Zealand

Paula manages all operations for Norwex in Australia and New Zealand, including development, management, and expansion. She has been with Norwex since its launch in Australia in 2008. She is a driven leader who builds strong working relationships across the organization and leverages broad-based operations and sales expertise to facilitate the achievement of strategic initiatives.

Our mission and purpose are very near and dear to the hearts of our Consultants. Their passion and dedication for creating Safe Havens for families around the country is what makes our team unique. Together we can make a difference!

Debbie Bolton

Co-Founder and Global Chief Sales Officer

Debbie leads sales operations in the U.S. She is also responsible for bringing Norwex to Canada in 1999. With 28 years of experience in the home party industry, Debbie won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Business to Consumer Division in the Canadian Prairie Region in 2008. Passionate about showing Consultants how to become successful entrepreneurs, Debbie is committed to helping people achieve their true destinies and making the planet a better, healthier place to live.

For me, our legacy is not about how far we have come... it will be about how far we can go. In Norwex, we are optimists! We believe in a brighter future, and we know that together, we can accomplish amazing things!

Amy Cadora

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Amy is responsible for the marketing operations at Norwex, including public relations, media, creative, branding, and product management. Many of the products she's created for direct sales in natural and organic industries have been showcased in Oprah's O List. She started the Norwex Movement website in 2013 and maintains a weekly blog highlighting issues related to reducing chemicals in the environment, sustainability, recycling, and healthy living.

As a mother, I want to protect my children from the harmful effects of chemicals and provide a brighter picture for their future... one where chemicals will be tested for safety before they are put into use. And a world where consumers vote with their purchases to have cleaner, healthier choices.

Amelia Spolec

Global Chief Information Officer

With over 20 years of experience in information technology, Amelia is an expert in digital efficiency. Her extensive background in field support has built a resolve that technology should embrace and support the mission of field leaders, their teams, and their customers. Her track record of success At Norwex includes designing compensation plans to supercharge Consultants' incomes and creating user-friendly Websites and easy-to-use applications.

It takes a team to deliver outstanding results. Norwex is committed to superior customer service so you can be confident our systems will support your business, and that we are with you every step of the way.